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The space zombies have hit critical mass. Take down as many of the mindless hulls before you're overwhelmed by the ever-increasing horde.

  • Play cooperatively with up to 3 friends.
  • Wide variety of zombie types
  • Beware the Caretaker and Hunter!


Types Ship Notable Skills Tips
Boo R1 Istreya Radial Decoy Projector Fragile, utilises Subterfuge illusions
Popper* A1 Churchill Dampening Mine Cores

Locked Missile Bay

Excess Payloads

Stay away when the ship explodes and avoid the mines it lays on the way as they can decrease your movement speed.
Webster A2 Enkidu Mobile Artillery -Auto-Snare System
Flamer* G5F Wyveros -Heat Canister-Heat Shift Agile, will attempt to increase your Heat bar.
Grabber G2 Link

Energy Chain System

Cargo Loader

Grinder G4 Hexad The Drill
Horsehead*** G5 Gincleare -Grapple Pitons-Joust Drive Stay as far away as possible, this ship is highly durable and deals a surprisingly huge load of damage and must be taken care of carefully.
Pusher* C5G Lancer -Repel Tether System Staying in open area prevents your ship from getting pushed against any wall.
Shielder G3 Spade

Shield Bash

Asteroid Breaker

Flex Shielding


Don't attempt to backstab behind it if you have low mobility, wait for its shield to go down before taking it down.
Spitter** G5C Luciern

-Plexonic Absorption Portal

Dark Matter Orb

Make sure you're on the move or that you have a wall behind you to prevent getting dispositioned by its portal as its after-effect disability can be lethal during late game.
Vampire** R5G Nyrhala -Stealth-Gemini Lash Utilizes heavily on Gemini Beacons that may harm your ship in various way

G1 Quad

Resonant Lash

Centria Mine

Caretaker**** -360-Corrosive Canister-? laser Can be easily outrun from.

Note that its size and endurance helps to protect its allies from any of your damage.


D5F Wolf Angel

-Molten Exhaust Cannon

-Heat Shift

A threat that must be eliminated as soon as possible before it puts your ship into disability from overheat.

Mirror Plating would be a 2nd alternative if you're not using Melee Plating.

  • Both Caretaker and Hunter may spawn on the map after ~50 units of enemy ship have been spawned/eliminated.
  • When killed, the bosses drop a powerup that enhances both your offensive abilities depending on your ship's archetype and defensive stats for a period of time.