When Laps Can Kill
When Laps Can Kill screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Black Furrow
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Free
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Defense of the Senior Citizens Under the Big Top
Finish the race by either completing a lap or destroying all other racers.

Bonuses Edit

Outrun - Complete track in first place. - 1250 Plex.

Outgun - Complete race by being last ship standing. - 1000 Plex.

Spirit of Wolf - Complete race with an average speed over 500 m/s. - 500 Plex.

Spirit of Cheetah - Complete race with an average speed over 700 m/s. - 500 Plex.

Strategy Edit

All the other racers are flying F3 Erichthonius ships. As a reminder, Fighters have good engines but poor shields. If you want to fight, make sure your ship is fast enough to keep them in weapon range.