Ring runner Wiki

Based on A5F DSD

Equal parts combat and medic, the agile DSD can fix hulls on the fly with its repair beams and bust 'em with its rocket salvos.


  • Longbow Salvo (Weapon)
  • Messier-Six Swarm (Weapon)
  • NX180-360 (Weapon)
  • Telefold (Movement)
  • All Power to Engines (Movement)
  • Rescue Ray (Defense)
  • Maintenance Drones (Deployable/Defense)
  • Heat Shift (Archetype)
  • Martyr Field (Sage)
  • Restock (Utility)

Basic Strategy[]

A Triage is a welcomed addition to any side. You can race into battle by riding huge boosts of speed from triggering All Power to Engines, teleporting with Telefold, and gainging bursts of fiery acceleration from Heat Shift.

Once there, you can keep its allies alive and healthy using its Rescue Ray, or by deploying up to two Maintenance Drones. Thanks to your Deployable Auxiliary Thrusters module, your Maintenance Drones will follow you around if you're careful not to outrun them. They will heal you and other allies in range. If things get really hairy, you can trigger you Sage ability, Martyr Field, which will heal all allies in range whenever a friendly unit is damaged within the field.

You can also bust some hulls with your various rocket based weaponry. Your Longbow Salvo fires four rockets in rapid succession; it's great at range. The Messier-Six Swarm fires a volley of homing missiles; it's better at medium range. And finally your NX180-360 releases a circular volley of rockets after a brief charge; it's deadly at point blank range and a great way to take down structures.

Counter Strategy[]

The Triage trades some potential firepower for its healing abilities. Ships with stronger shielding can weather its assault.

Try targeting down the Triage's Mainenance Drones so they won't continue to repair it during combat. If you can force the Triage to use its All Power to Engines and run away, you may also be able to get them out of range. The Rescue Ray is useless if the Triage has no allies nearby. Finally, you can use force abilities like Sage Wave or Newtonian Wave to push the drones away from the Triage.

When the Triage uses its Martyr Field, try to focus fire down a target and avoid area of effect abilities. The Martyr field will only heal other allies when a target receives damage. The target that receives the damage is not healed.