Trench Run
Trench Run screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Litter Glitter Galaxy
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Predetermined
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Rise and Shine Local Turret Community
It's time to get out of here. Head down the trench to escape the exploding station.

Bonuses Edit

Not a Scratch - Exit trench without a collision. - 200 Plex.

Time for Turrets - Kill 6 trench turrets. - 150 Plex.

Strategy Edit

The standard engine and the afterburners should be simple enough to figure out. The Archetype ability, however, might need an additional bit of explanation.

To use an Archetype ability (in this case, the Evasion Drive), hold down the Archetype button and move your mouse in the direction you want to use the ability in. This would be a good time to make sure that the Archetype button is one you're comfortable with. You can change which button is the Archetype Modifier by opening the pause menu, going to Options, then Key Binds, and then scrolling down to Archetype Modifier.

While you're in the pause menu, you may also want to look at Bindings (the one in the Pause Menu, not the one in Options) and Mission Info.

Bindings will give you a list of your ship's current abilities. Active abilities are at the top, with passive abilities underneath. Select an ability to get a description of it.

Mission Info will tell you the mission name, the bonuses, and whether you would have been able to change your hull (your ship) before starting the mission. In this mission, the hull selection is Predetermined. A mission where you can customize your ship before starting would be Free.

Not a Scratch: Just take the trench carefully. Use your brakes and your Zero Stop to avoid hitting walls.

Time for Turrets: If you use your afterburners right at the start, you can reach the turrets with enough time to kill them. The Mercurial Beam fires a standard laser beam, while the Featherfire Cannon fires a shotgun-like blast. You can hold down both weapon buttons at once to fire them continuously.

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