Trash Hog
Trash Hog screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Litter Glitter Galaxy
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Predetermined
Mission guide
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Space Trash Here There Be Snacks
Now that you have a ship, you should find something to eat.

Bonuses Edit

Keeping Your Distance - Defeat scow without taking damage. - 300 Plex.

Speedy Scow Slayer - Complete mission in under 150 seconds. - 300 Plex.

Strategy Edit

The only thing that you actually have to kill is the scow. If you're going for Speedy Scow Slayer, feel free to use The Rocket to run past everything else.

The scow moves slowly enough that you can easily lead the turrets with your rockets. (See the picture for an example.)

Both the Longbow and the Longbow salvo use ammunition. They also have separate ammunition counters. Your Emergency Payload will refill them if they run completely out, but needs a full 60 seconds to recharge.

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