Ring runner Wiki

Based on F5R Odin

Search and destroy -- once the Tracker has you in its sights, there's no surviving its torrent of rockets and Photocaster bolts.


  • Smart Rocket (Weapon/Gemini)
  • Smart Gatling (Weapon/Gemini)
  • Heat Canister (Weapon/Utility)
  • Telefold (Movement)
  • Plasma Thruster (Weapon/Movement)
  • Directional Thrusters (Archetype)
  • Sage Sight (Sage)
  • Restock (Utility)
  • Forced Ventilation (Weapon/Utility)

Basic Strategy[]

Start by building up Gemini Beacons on a target with your Smart Rockets. Your Maneuvering Batteries will also cause you to fire a rocket every time you trigger your Directional Thrusters and teleport with Telefold. Thanks to your Gemini Warheads, these rockets have a chance to add Gemini Beacons to a target as well.

Once a target has at least one Gemini Beacon, your Smart Rockets will track it. You can also fire your Smart Gatling, that shoots streams of Photocaster bolts directly at any target(s) afflicted with Gemini Beacons. The more Beacons a target has, the faster the Smart Gatling will fire.

Your Sage Sight ability will reveal all stealth units that are not equipped with a Black Worm module and increase the damage they take by 10%. Thanks to your Swift Soul module, you'll also gain a 6 second boost to your rate of fire. In conjunction with the Fighter Veterancy you gain from defeating opponents -- up to 7 charges -- you can put out an absolutely devastating storm of rockets and Gatling fire.

If you build up too much heat, you can use Forced Ventilation to trigger a fiery blast that damages and heats up opponents around you, or you could pump all of that heat into a jar and dump it into your wake with Heat Canister. These abilities can be especially useful if you plan to trigger your Plasma Thrusters, which generate tons of heat as they eject a large amount of plasma to grant you a big boost of speed.

Counter Strategy[]

Try not to let the Tracker gain full Veterancy, depicted by little chevrons on the top right corner of the ship. Its rate of fire can become truly fearsome. Target it down before it has that chance.

The Tracker's weaponry is not very powerful until it manages to get a few Gemini Beacons on you. Avoid its initial rockets and destroy it before it gets going; despite its Frictive Shield module, its defenses are fairly light.

If you're a stealth ship, try equipping a Black Worm module in your Corona to avoid the effects of the Tracker's Sage Sight.