Topa Topper and her Middleman
Topa Topper and her Middlemen screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Astrellis 5
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Free
Mission guide
Previous Next
Meddling Middlemen The Hermit
Reach Topa's house.

Bonuses Edit

Silent Sage - Complete mission without using a Sage Ability. - 2000 Plex.

No Repair Costs - Complete mission without taking hull damage. - 3000 Plex.

Strategy Edit

Your hull selection is now [Free], which means you can now choose any ship you want to, from the rank 3 ships with basic equipment that are now available to a rank 5 heavily customized doom machine you put together after finishing the main campaign.

You'll be in the green box again, so be prepared to spend some time here.

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