Ring runner Wiki

Based on A5F Hadrian

A mobile cannon, the Titan fires a devastating beam, destroying everything in its path


  • Titan Beam (Weapon)
  • X-Beam Emitter (Weapon)
  • The Rocket (Movement)
  • Advanced Target Lock (Archetype)
  • Translocate (Sage)
  • Restock (Utility)

Basic Strategy[]

Your offense is straight forward. The Titan fires a constant stream of energy, damaging all opponents and destroying any enemy projectiles in its path. The beam also adds heat to targets thanks to the Focusing Crystal equipped in your Fixed Cannon. And the Thermal Conduction module in your Advanced Heat Sink will tranfer that heat to nearby targets. This is a great way to stun a tower core before it can charge up a blast.

If you get into trouble use "The Rocket" ability to gain a momentary boost of speed, or trigger your Sage ability, Translocate to teleport a short distance. These abilities can also help get you into battle. Additionally, your Corona is equipped with a Salvation macro, which heals you every time you activate your Sage ability.

Your spinning X-Beam Emitters are good for wearing down waves of enemies and obliterating structures. Drop one directly on a core to rack up the damage. And be sure to use Restock if you run out of emitters.

Counter Strategy[]

While the Titan Beam is very powerful, it also slows the ship's rotation rate. It's possible to teleport or maneuver behind the Titan to avoid it altogether.

Slower, higher damaging weapons, work better against the Titan's Reactive Shields, which temporarily grow stonger in the direction in which they're damaged.