The Second Bastion
The Second Bastion
Mission Info
Galaxy Atamdwell
Ignores Difficulty? Yes
Hull Selection Free
Mission guide
Previous Next
Break on Through None
Defeat Valkaros.

Bonuses Edit

No bonuses for this mission.

Strategy Edit

Your new weapon will take a few different forms depending on your archetype. But even if the details are a bit different, one thing is constant: it will destroy absolutely everything set in front of you. Valkaros is the only thing on the map that can take more than a few shots from it.

Valkaros is flying a D5F Wolf Angel. He will constantly fire various Fixed Cannon weapons such as Rail Gun, Featherfire Cannon, and Pulse Cannon, and spam Sage Nova.

Once you've defeated Valkaros, congratulations! You've finished the single player campaign!

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