Surging in a Starcophagus
Surging in a Starcophagus screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Remembrance
Ignores Difficulty? Yes
Hull Selection Predetermined
Mission guide
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The Caretaker When Feral Mohmils Attack
Prevent particles from reaching the outer boundary.

Bonuses Edit

Swift Surge - Complete mission in under 90 seconds. - 1500 Plex.

Zero Scatter - Complete mission without letting a particle hit the outer boundary. - 3000 Plex.

Minimal Scatter - Complete mission without letting 5 particles hit the outer boundary. - 1500 Plex.

Particle Collider - Collide 12 particles against each other. - 3000 Plex.

Strategy Edit

Your ship moves in a circle around the outer boundary. White particles will come out of the white core and move towards the boundary. When they hit your ship, they turn tan and fall back towards the center. If a particle that has been bounced hits a particle coming out, the second particle will also turn tan and fall back.

It is possible to hit one of the particles with enough force that it bounces off at high speed and hits the boundary anyway.

Upon completion you will receive the Surge Macro.

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