Ring runner Wiki

Based on A5C Tempest

The heavily armored Striker can snare, push, and suppress enemies with its variety of area of effect abilities.


  • Cent-7 Cluster Bomb (Weapon)
  • Cruiser Strike (Weapon)
  • Web Rocket (Weapon/Utility)
  • Rocket-on-a-Rope (Weapon/Movement)
  • Falcon Dive (Movement/Weapon)
  • Telepotentiate (Archetype)
  • Sage Wave (Sage)
  • Stealth Scanner (Utility)
  • Restock (Utility)

Basic Strategy[]

Start by firing your Web Rocket. Its radius is depicted by a circular indicator and can be triggered by pressing the same button again during its flight. This rocket will grapple all hostiles within its blast radius together, bunching them up. If only one enemy is strucked, it will snare them instead. Your primary weapon, the Cent-7 Cluster Bomb, is a powerful, yet slow rocket that splits into several projectiles upon detonation. Thanks to your Arachnid Warheads, the Cent-7 will have a similar effect to the Web Rocket, but on a smaller scale.

This is a great setup for your Cruiser Strike ability, which rains rockets down from above on your enemies, dealing constant damage in the area. You can also trigger your Falcon Drive, which will charge up before hurling you forward, resulting in a high-damage, fiery blast.

Glide around the battlefield with Telepotentiate, which teleports you a moderate distance in the direction in which you flick. Or ride you Rocket-on-a-Rope, which pulls you along at a high rate of speed.

Expose stealth units with you Scanner ability, and use Restock if you run out of payload.

Your Sage Wave ability can wipe the starts clean of all hostile ships and projectiles. It's great for defending or slamming a group of opponents into a wall.

Counter Strategy[]

It's best to take on the Striker alone. Its Web Rockets and Arachnid Warheads will be less effective, and Cruiser Strikes are fairly easy to avoid for agile ships.

Take advantage of the Striker's larger size and attack it with weaponry that's effective against structures. If you watch for the telltale images of its Telepontentiator its movements should be easy to track, and you can destroy its Rocket-on-a-Rope before it gets away.

The Striker's Cent-7 Cluster Bombs are fairly potent, but shouldn't be enough to take down a well defended ship on their own. If you can avoid its clearly telegraphed weaponry like Falcon Dive and Cruiser Strike, you should easily weather its attacks.