Space Race
Space Race screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Litter Glitter Galaxy
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Predetermined
Mission guide
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It Just Got Dramatic Terminal Boredom
Finish the race.

Bonuses Edit

First Place - Win the race. - 500 Plex.

Speedy Racer - Complete race in under 110 seconds. - 500 Plex.

Warp Speed - Complete race in under 95 seconds. - 750 Plex.

Record Breaker - Complete race in under 90 seconds. - 1000 Plex.

Born Runner - Complete race in under 85 seconds. - 1250 Plex.

Most Bust than Thrust - Defeat 5 enemies. - 750 Plex.

Destruction Derby - Defeat 10 enemies. - 1500 Plex.

Strategy Edit

The green circles on the race track are powerups. The ones with green arrows speed you up, the ones with wrenches repair you, and the ones with crosshairs haste your hostile abilities.

More racers will spawn on the track if you kill them. You can fight them if you want to feed your Ace Drive, but if you're going for the speed bonuses it would be a better idea to ignore them and focus on getting the speed powerups.

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