Ring runner Wiki

Based on R5FC Aozora Nine

Striking from the shadows and extreme range, the Snow Leopard makes a lethal sniper.


  • Rail Gun (Weapon)
  • Explosive Decoy (Weapon)
  • Vanish (Stealth)
  • Recall Portal (Movement)
  • Telepotentiator (Archetype)
  • Time Levee (Sage)

Basic Strategy[]

Your Rail Gun can penetrate shields, obstacles, and even enemies from long distance, dealing massive damage to anything in its path, but it gives away your position when fired. Use your Telepotentiator to teleport in any direction and keep your opponents guessing.

When faced with faster, more agile opponents, slow the flow of time and pull off the perfect shot.

If you're spotted, use your Vanish ability to regain full-stealth. You can also create an Explosive Decoy of yourself, which provides a bit of misdirection before unleashing a powerful blast.

Activating your Recall Portal once drops a beacon in space; activating it again teleports you to that location. This is a great way to retreat from battle and keep your distance as a sniper.

Cheat death with your Critical Time Loop and Feign Death abilities.

Counter Strategy[]

The Snow Leopard is deadly at distance, but doesn't have much fire power up close. Watch for the origin point of the Rail Beam, and engage the Snow Leopard in combat. Don't let it slip away using its Telepotentiator and Recall Portal. Both abilities are easily predicted if you observe closely. The Telepotentiator sends a spectral image of the ship in the direction in which it will activate, and the Recall Portal creates a very obvious, glowing beacon at the point to which the ship will teleport.

Fast-regenerating shields can shrug off the damage put out by the Rail Gun if you survive the blast. The Caster Veterancy, Continuity, can help with this, since it limits the amount of damage you can take to a maximum of 33.3% of your health every third of a second.