The shop allows you to find and purchase new equipment for your ships.

Unlocking equipment Edit

Before items can be sold to you through the shop, they first need to be unlocked.  This can be done in two ways: completing missions, or through research.

Completing missions Edit

The single player campaign introduces you to the shop in the mission Fringe Benefits.  Before that happens, though, you may have noticed that completing missions also gives you messages saying that you had unlocked equipment.

Finishing missions will add items to the shop.  Equipment for your current hull is more likely to be added.

Research Edit

You can also unlock items through research.

Click on the Lab button in the lower left hand corner to get started.  This will give you the option to perform either regular or paid research. Regular research will provide you with more equipment for sale.  You can choose to research specific nodes, specific archetypes, or general research for all equipment. Researching specific nodes will provide results more quickly than general research.

Once you've set up a research project, you'll need to wait for it to finish.  The game will show you how long in real time is needed until the project is ready. Completing missions also provides a bonus to current research progress. If you're impatient, you can click on Fund Research to spend plex to automatically finish the current research project. When research is taking place, the shop button on the main menu slowly fills with a yellow bar.  Once the button is filled in, research has completed.

You can pick up research results by visiting the shop.  Opening the shop will automatically give you your results. The shop can save up to 10 research results at a time.  If 10 projects are finished and you haven't collected them, research will stop. 

Paid research gives you plex instead of equipment.  This will give you 10,000 plex every 3 hours. 

Making purchases Edit

Once there are items for sale, buying them is easy. Equipment is sorted by node.  Click on Buy Equipment button to bring up the list, then scroll up or down to find the node you want.  Nodes for your current ship are highlighted in green. Hulls for sale are sorted by archetype.

You can examine an item or hull.  If you're using a keyboard/mouse, you can do so by right clicking what you want to look at.

Some items are marked with stars.  These are things that can be received for free by playing the single player campaign. 

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