Ring runner Wiki

Based on R5AC Aquiline

With its stealth and ample supply of rockets, the Saboteur is no pushover in combat, but specializes in tactical strikes against enemy structures.


  • Gemini Missile Salvo (Weapon/Gemini)
  • Gemini Laser (Weapon/Gemini)
  • Messier-Six Swarm (Weapon)
  • Photorpedo Salvo (Weapon)
  • Shield Breaker (Utility/Gemini)
  • Caster Pulse (Movement)
  • Advanced Caster Drive (Archetype)
  • Time Levee (Sage)
  • Restock (Utility)

Basic Strategy[]

Open up combat with you Gemini Laser that deals a small amount of damage and adds Gemini Beacons to targets it strikes. Then you can fire your Gemini Missile Salvo that launches up to four fast-tracking rockets at your target -- one for each Beacon.

Alternatively, you can consume you Gemini Beacons to lower your target's shields with your Shield Breaker. The duration of this effect is increased according to the number of Beacons used. With the target's shields down, you can release a Messier-Six Swarm of tracking rockets or use your Photorpedo Salvo to fire three torpedos in rapid succession. Photorpedos are shorter range than Longbow Rockets, but deal additional damage against exposed hulls, which makes them a lethal weapon when combined with Shield Breaker.

This maneuver can be a bit complicated to pull off, but using your Time Levee ability will slow the flow of time and make it easy.

For mobility, you're equipped with a Caster Pulse and Drive. They generate explosions that damage nearby enemies and propel you at great speeds. Thanks to the lightness of your hulls, these bursts are particularly effective. But use them carefully; they give away your position.

Keep an eye on your payloads and use Restock before you get too low. Waiting too long will result in very high energy-cost Restocks.

Counter Strategy[]

If the Saboteur is to pull off its most powerful combination of attacks, it'll want to get fairly close to its target before triggering Shield Breaker. And before it can do that, it will have to fire its Gemini Laser several times. Use this to your advantage and reveal the Saboteur before it can complete the maneuver.

Use area of effect attacks to deal damage and expose the Saboteur once you have a general idea of where it is.

Its shield's regeneration isn't very potent, so be sure to continue to press the attack once the Saboteur is spotted. It can't move very quickly without giving away its location with its Caster Pulse and Drive.