Ring runner Wiki

Based on A5G Aten

As resilient as it is powerful, the Rock et Roll swings into combat and has missiles for teeth!


  • Iliad Missile (Weapon)
  • Longbow Salvo (Weapon)
  • Messier-Six Swarm (Weapon)
  • NX180-360 (Weapon)
  • Rocket-on-a-Rope (Weapon/Movement)
  • Energy Hooks (Movement)
  • Grapple Tether System (Archetype)
  • Sage Shield (Sage)
  • Restock (Utility)
  • Stealth Scanner (Utility)

Basic Strategy[]

As its name implies, Rock et Roll is all about rockets. Fire Iliad Missiles from afar; they deal good damage and track your enemies. Your Longbow Salvo fires four rockets in quick succession with good range.

If your target closes in, fire a volley of tracking missiles with your Messier-Six Salvo. Or you can charge up and release a powerful, circular volley with your NX180-360s. These are both great at taking down structures at point-blank range as well. To better utilize these weapons, you can pull yourself towards enemies with your Energy Hooks and Grapple Tether System. You can also ride your Rocket-on-a-Rope in and out of combat.

For defense, you can trigger your Flex Shielding, which grants you 3 seconds of invulnerability but temporarily disables your regeneration. Or you could active your Sage Shield, which surrounds you in a protective circular barrier that blocks all incoming projectiles.

Be sure to use Restock to reload your payload often. Waiting until you deplete your payloads of rockets entirely will result in very high energy-cost Restocks.

Counter Strategy[]

The Rock et Roll is a well-balanced ship, which doesn't leave it particularly exposed to any kind of attack. However its energy and heat management is practically non existence, making it susceptible to overheating and overloading.

Abilities like Sage Shield, Warp Chaff, and Energy Barrier Emitters are effective against Rock et Roll because its weapons are all projectiles. Just try to keep your distance.

Rock et Roll's larger size leaves it somewhat vulnerable to abilities that are good against structures. Immobilizing or snaring it will leave it particularly exposed.