Restealing What's Yours
Restealing Whats Yours screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Litter Glitter Galaxy
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Predetermined
Mission guide
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Picking Perlite Spook the Natives
Reach your cruiser.

Bonuses Edit

Without a Trace - Complete mission without destroying a scanner. - 1500 Plex.

Sweeping the Scanners - Destroy all scanners. - 4750 Plex.

Strategy Edit

The scanners have a scanning cone that's easily visible against the dark background. Make sure that the scanner isn't looking your way before moving past.

It's easier if you travel along the top or bottom of the map, where there's less terrain to get in your way.

You can't get both bonuses for this mission in one go. If you want both, play the mission twice.

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