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Decoy Ring

Radial Decoy Projector example.png

Ability Attributes
Equipment Tag SBS-1A-AT
Type Utility
Activation Archetype
Size 1
Cooldown 6 seconds
Charge Time Unknown
Base Payload Unknown
Energy Consumption 40
Heat Generation Unknown
Heat Consumption Unknown
Tags <Movement ability> <Teleport ability> <Hologram ability>
Additional Passive Unknown

Create a ring of decoy at a radius of 250 meters.

You take the place of a decoy in the direction of your choice.

This technology originated on a small Mohmish outpost located in the mouth of an anchorspace channel from Centrias to Duosol. The concept was simple: participants would sign over everything they owned in a well, step into a small, unshielded pod, and were subjected to a form of roulette. Seven decoys and and a pod containing the participant formed a ring, and a turret would randomly destroy one target. If the participant was destroyed, the Mohmil proprietors now owned his or her entire estate, but if they survived, they earned free accommodations in a casino on Duosol, in which most of them would end up losing everything they owned anyway.

The Duosol Shuffle, as it was called, preyed off the Centrians' weakness for gambling and potentially life-ending games. Unfortunately, the Duosol Shuffle had to be shut down, not because it'd claimed so many losers' lives during its several decades of operation, but because so many winners were dying as well. It had become popular for opportunistic pirates to fire cluster bombs at their buddies during the roulette's operation, when they happened to own a copy of a drunkenly written will consigning all of the victim's estate to them. In fact, this practice became so common that a bar just a jump upspin had started to print templates of wills on their napkins.


The real Rogue is the one next to the blue F5AR Tiger Star. The decoys do not move, and their shields don't flash when you shoot them. If you see an enemy use this, quickly fire at each decoy. Either their shields will flash, or they'll start to run.

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