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Mission Info
Galaxy Nightona
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Free
Mission guide
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Muckee's Muckstop Nightona 5000
Finish in at least fourth place.

Bonuses Edit

First Place - Finish race in first place. - 500 Plex.

Lapping It Up - Lap at least one other racer. - 1000 Plex.

Overqualified - Complete race in under 60 seconds. - 2000 Plex.

Strategy Edit

Your best racing hull is likely to be a Fighter, but Caster or Grappler can work with the right abilities and player skill. Don't try this mission with an Arsenal or Rogue.

Anyone killed on this track (including you) will respawn. Everyone else is flying rank 5 hulls, so if you came here in the recommended rank 4 hull this will probably be a good thing for you.

Be careful picking up speed powerups. A number are placed in spots that will send you right into a wall if you don't know what you're doing.

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