Pounce Mine

Pounce Mines example

Ability Attributes
Equipment Tag HWP-IU-PR
Type Hostile
Activation Active
Size 1
Cooldown 3 seconds
Charge Time
Base Payload 20
Energy Consumption
Heat Generation
Heat Consumption Unknown
Tags <Projectile ability> <Mine ability>
Additional Passive Unknown

Deploy a mine that accelerates at the first enemy it detects within range, dealing 75 damage and slowing the target for 3 second upon impact.

45 second lifespan.

The Big Smoke Stackeries of Centrias churn out snakes of smog, removing the need for cigarettes altogether and raining down as whisky at night. These guided mines temporarily encase a ship in such an atmosphere. The big label in the back warns about the second-hand smoke dangers from handling this weapon, but it's not uncommon for a Centrian to crack one of these bad boys at a party.


A purple friction aura will appear around enemies hit with this weapon.

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