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Galaxy Nightona
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Free
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The Transit of Mercury Mercurial Getaway

Get the F5 Mercury by either winning the race or stealing it.


The Hijacker's Guide to the Galaxy - Steal the Mercury. - 750 Plex.

Dropping Agro - Kill all Agronauts. - 2000 Plex.

Model Racer - Win the race by completing requisite laps. - 3000 Plex.


The two A3 Charons will drop Tethering Buoys immediately (before everyone else is allowed to use abilities). Once ability use is allowed, the G4 Hexads will begin attacking you with Energy Chain, Energy Hook, and melee abilities. The Charons will drop more Tethering Buoys if you approach them. If you get past those four, there's a A5F DSD that will use Friction Buoys, Star Dust, Time Bombs, Auto-Snare System, and Heavy Dual Photocaster. Finally, Swayson himself is flying a F5G Lupine with a Rail Gun and Gamma Hammer. He has boss-level shields and hull.

You will very likely have to destroy everything that isn't Swayson because of all the manipulation abilities the other ships have. Unlike the other tracks, they won't respawn.

You'll need to slow Swayson down if you want to have enough time to kill him before the race finishes. Some possibilities are overheat, Friction Beam/Tethering Buoys/Star Dust of your own, or Gravmag Platform abilities.

The race ends when someone finishes two laps.