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Photonic Ligament

Photonic Ligament Buoy example.png

Ability Attributes
Equipment Tag HWP-1U-DP
Type Hostile
Activation Active
Size 1
Cooldown 20 seconds
Charge Time
Base Payload 6
Energy Consumption
Heat Generation
Heat Consumption Unknown
Tags <Deploy ability>
Additional Passive Unknown

Deploy a buoy that attaches a targeting beam to all enemies within a 700 meter radius.

If a targeted enemy goes further than 1000 meters, the Buoy strikes them with a laser that deals 250 damage and releases them from the targeting beam.

The buoy has a lifespan of 12 seconds and low durability.

This is a lot like snapping a rubber band made of pure light. You have to draw back a good amount to get the right amount of sting in it.


The buoy makes a beeping noise that becomes faster and higher-pitched the closer a targeted ship comes to getting too far away.

If new enemies approach after the buoy was deployed, they won't be affected.