Ring runner Wiki

Based on G5F Wyveros

Fast and fiery, the resilient Phoenix can disable and melt opponents at close range.


  • Drilling Beam (Weapon)
  • Plasma Launcher (Weapon)
  • Energy Hooks (Movement)
  • Telefold (Movement)
  • Heat Shift (Archetype)
  • Falcon Dive (Weapon/Movement)
  • Forced Ventilation (Utility)
  • Flex Shielding (Defense)

Basic Strategy[]

Harness the power of fire with your Plasma Launcher, which constantly damages and heats up opponents caught in its stream. And cut into your prey with your Drilling Beam that fires a high-damage, very short range beam of energy. Thanks to your Piercing Pitons, these attacks will also weaken an enemy's shields in the direction in which they were struck. The Phoenix has fantastic mobility. Steak into battle with Heat Shift that consumes heat to propel you in the direction in which you flicked. On charge up your Falcon Dive and unleash a high-damage explosion after rocketing forward. Your Telefold ability allows you to teleport forward a short distance, and Energy Hooks grapples you towards your target.

Try activating your Forced Ventilation ability, which releases a circular blast of heat that can disable your opponents if they're overheated.

Your defenses are centered around rampant regeneration, but you can always trigger your Flex Shielding if you are about to receive a spike of damage. This ability will halt your regeneration but render you invulnerable for 3 seconds; it's best used preemptively. If you're slow to act, the Stubborn Thread macro loaded into your Corona will save you from death, but don't tempt fate; it takes a while for the macro's protection to become ready again.

Counter Strategy[]

The Phoenix's mobility and high regeneration make it a hard target. It's even harder still if it's dealing damage thanks to its Siphon Rig, which heals it based on the damage it deals. Try to remain at range if possible.

Heat management is important when facing the Phoenix. Ships that can vent their heat in some form will fair better against it.

The Phoenix has no impulse abilities, so mines and other projectiles work well. If you're flying a Rogue, try disarming or disarming it. Lowering its shields can be effective if you can follow up with a burst of damage, but watch for its Stubborn Thread to save it from death. If you see this effect trigger, denoted by a bright yellow column of light, chase down the Phoenix and make sure if doesn't rise from the ashes again!