Muckee's Muckstop
Muckee's Muckstop screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Shaveranda
Ignores Difficulty? Yes
Hull Selection Free
Mission guide
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D-Rain and the Drones Qualifiers
Deal with the bandits before proceeding to the truck stop.

Bonuses Edit

Straight Shooter - Defeat all duelists without missing a shot. - 1750 Plex.

I'm Your Huckleberry - Defeat a duelist in under 1 second from time of drawing. - 1750 Plex.

Path of the Brave - Allow a duelist to fire 3 rounds before you fire. - 1750 Plex.

Strategy Edit

You can fly into this mission in whatever hull you want, but the dueling portion will take place in an F5 Mercury with a Rail Gun. You'll be on the left side of the screen.

When the duel begins, you'll have a moment before you need to draw. You won't be able to see your cursor, but move it towards the right side of the screen and do your best to aim at the other ship. When the signal comes to draw, fire and adjust aim as needed.

Once you've successfully hit a duelist, do not move whatever you're using to aim. All the duelists show up in the exact same spot, and having them pre-targeted will save you time and frustration.

After all duelists are defeated, you'll be back in your regular ship.

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