Ring runner Wiki

Based on R5AC Atamal

The Minecraft is a patient predator, lacing the battlefield with mines in the dark and trapping its prey with powerful gravitational weaponry.


  • Stealth Mine (Weapon)
  • Pounce Mine (Weapon)
  • Remote Mine (Weapon)
  • Tractor Beam (Utility)
  • Gravity Field (Utility)
  • Focused Gravector Well (Gemini/Utility)
  • Pluton Minelayer (Archetype)
  • Translocate (Sage)
  • Restock (Utility)

Basic Strategy[]

Deploy your arsenal of mines to lay a trap for the enemy. Your Stealth Mines remain unseen until the enemy is very close by. Pounce Mines find the nearest target and zip towards them, snaring the target they strike. Remote Mines can be deployed one at a time; trigger them with the same button to set off an area of effect explosion. And your Pluton Minelayer will lay a trail of mines in the direction in which you flick.

Once the mines are set, you can pull opponents into them using your cone-like Tractor Beam. Or you could generate a Gravity Well that will pull everything towards it.

Since your ship is equipped with a Gemini Mine Core module, all of your mines have a chance to add Gemini Beacons. You can consume these Beacons to create a Focused Gravector Well on your target, which will pull all projectiles and mines towards it; the more Beacons, the longer its duration.

If you need to get out of trouble, use Translocate, which will allow you to teleport a short distance. Hold down the button to go a bit further. Use it judiciously; it's your only source of additional mobility. You will also heal yourself a moderate amount when you trigger your Sage ability, thanks to your Salvation macro.

Be sure to use Restock to reload your payload often. Waiting until you deplete your payload of mines entirely will result in very high energy-cost Restocks.

Counter Strategy[]

Only the Mincraft's Stealth Mines and the ship itself are hard to spot. Keep an eye out for other types of minds and be ready for the ambush.

Use pushing abilities like Sage Wave and Newtonian Wave to scatter the mines and spoil the Minecraft's traps.

The Minecraft's mobility is very limited, and it's not particularly well defended. Use Sage Sight to reveal it and hunt it down. Engage it from mid to long range to avoid the sudden burst damage of its mines, particularly the Remote Mine, whose area of effect blast is harder to dodge.