Based on A5 Strata Gunship

An armory with engines, the Mammoth can unleash a torrent of rockets, devastating all opposition in its path.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Ghost Rocket (Weapon)
  • Longbow Salvo (Weapon)
  • Messier-Six Salvo (Weapon)
  • NX180-360 (Weapon)
  • Rocket-on-a-Rope (Movement)
  • Energy Barrier Emitter (Defense)
  • Seeker Omnibattery (Archetype)
  • Translocate (Sage)
  • Restock (Utility)

Basic Strategy[edit | edit source]

Overwhelming offense is the name of the game with the Mammoth. Set up your Energy Barrier Emitter, which creates a wall in front of you that blocks incoming hostile projectiles, and fire off four rockets in succession with you Longbow Salvo. If you need to fire through an obstacle, use your long-distance Ghost Rockets; they go through everything and cannot be intercepted by conventional projectile defenses. And if you're having trouble aiming, flick in a direction to fire a homing missile with your Seeker Omnibattery.

If your target closes in, fire a volley of tracking missiles with your Messier-Six Salvo. Or you can charge up and release a powerful, circular volley with your NX180-360s. These are both great at taking down structures at point-blank range as well.

Ride your Rocket-on-a-Rope in and out of combat, and use Translocate to teleport a short distance if you get in trouble. Hold down the button to teleport a bit further. Thanks to your Salvation macro, you'll also heal a moderate amount when you use Translocate.

Counter Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Mammoth is heavily shielded and has a lot of firepower, but it's not very fast or agile. It's also quite large, which makes it easy to hit with most weaponry, even the kind that's normally used against bases and structures.

If you have any kind of invulnerability, like activating Flex Shielding, and good burst damage, you'll find that the Mammoth makes an easy target.

Use weapons like the Rail Gun or Titan Beam to blast straight through the Mammoth's Energy Barrier.

Sage Shield will block out all of the Mammoth's weapons except for its Ghost Rockets.

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