Ring runner Wiki

Based on G5C Luciern

Pushing and pulling, the Magnetar can rearrange the battlefield on a whim with its potent force weaponry.


  • Big Bangerang (Weapon)
  • Gravector Beam (Weapon)
  • Newtonian Wave (Defense/Movement)
  • Tractor Beam (Utility)
  • Energy Chain (Utility)
  • The Grinder (Archetype)
  • Translocate (Sage)

Basic Strategy[]

The Magnetar is a big bully. You can pull in opponents with your cone-like Tractor Beam or laser-like Energy Chain, only to push them away with your focused Gravector Beam or fanning Newtonian Wave. Both deal loads of damage thanks to the Gravlight Array equipped in your Mass Emitter. And you yourself are harder to shove around thanks to your Grappler Veterancy module, Impulse Control, which halves the effectiveness of impulse abilities.

Toss your Big Bangerang at opponents; it deals constant damage and pulls enemies towards you thanks to your Grapple Pitons module. Charge it up to throw the Bangerang farther.

Once you've bunched up opponents with your various pushing and pulling abilities, flick in their direction to release the Grinder, a huge saw blade that travels along a line from hub to hub, tearing through everything in its path.

If you need to retreat, use your Sage ability, Translocate to teleport a short distance. Hold down the button to travel a bit further. You'll be healed a moderate amount every time you activate your Sage ability thanks to the Salvation macro loaded into your Corona.

Counter Strategy[]

Grapplers that want to stand toe-to-toe with the Magnetar would do well to equip Impulse Control in their Veterancy node. Not only does it cause you to be moved half as much by its impulse abilities, but it also halves the resulting damage caused by the Magnetar's Gravlight Array module.

It's best to engage the Magnetar from range. It can push and pull you, but its own mobility is limited. Avoid its Grinder or charged up Bangerang throws, and be ready to retreat if you're caught in its Tractor Beam or by its Energy Chain. Despite these other weapons, the Magnetar's main source of damage burst damage is its Gravector Beam, which is relatively short range.