Ring runner Wiki

Based on C5G Lancer

Batting away opponents like so many baseballs, the Mad Batter is designed for hit and home run combat.


  • Photon Bat (Weapon)
  • Plasma Wave (Weapon)
  • Newtonian Wave (Weapon/Movement)
  • Energy Hooks (Movement)
  • Caster Pulse (Weapon/Movement)
  • Advanced Caster Drive (Archetype)
  • Charged Caster Core (Weapon)
  • Reload (Utility)

Basic Strategy[]

The Photon Bat normally deals a good amount of burst damage, but since it counts as an impulse ability, your Gravlight Array makes it truly lethal. Add to this the effects of your Kinetic Harvest module, that increases your damage by 50% after a movement abiliy, and you have some real one-shotting potential.

A good strategy is to begin charging up your Photon Bat right before you grapple towards an opponent with Energy Hooks or activate your Advanced Caster Drive by flicking in a direction. You can't hold the charge during a Caster Pulse since they are both charged abilities, but you can trigger your Photon Bat immediately afterwards.

If you need to deal mass damage, try your Plasma Wave ability. The wide, fiery waves it launches ahead of you are great for dealing with large groups of enemies as well as structures. Thanks to your Gravlight Array, your Newtonian Wave is quite a potent weapon.

For mobility, you're equipped with a Caster Pulse and Drive. They generate explosions that damage nearby enemies and propel you at great speeds. Again, these waves will deal more damage thanks to your Gravlight Array.

Once you've built up Veterancy charges, you can unleash circular volleys of bolts with your Charged Caster Core, which deal good damage to hostiles around you and can obliterate structures if you discharge directly over them.

Counter Strategy[]

The Mad Batter has good mobility and outrageous burst damage, but its defenses are fairly weak. It's light, but highly regenerative shielding is protected by Continuity, which prevents it from taking more than 33% of its total shields and hull every third of a second, so constant damage works best.

By the same note, Continuity and regenerative shielding is a good counter to the Photon Bat. Just watch out for the constant damage of the Mad Batter's Plasma Waves.

But perhaps the safest bet is to keep your distance. The Mad Batter's weaponry is all short ranged. It might not be easy though; its very mobile.

Watch for Stubborn Thread to spare the Mad Batter from being destroyed, and be sure to finish the job!