The Rocket

Locked Missile Bay example

Ability Attributes
Equipment Tag AWP-1U-MV
Type Hostile
Activation Active
Size 1
Cooldown 10 seconds
Charge Time
Base Payload
Energy Consumption 10
Heat Generation 10
Heat Consumption Unknown
Tags <Area of effect ability> <Movement ability>
Additional Passive Unknown

Generate massive forward thrust for 1.75 seconds, followed by an explosion that deals 100 damage to all opponents within 300 meters. 

The first Centrian to ignite a salvo of rockets still fastened to their racks claimed it was not only done purposefully, but was a brilliant tactical maneuver. She wanted the technique to bear her name forever, but unless her name was "Rocket" - which knowing Centrians, it very well could have been - her efforts failed to persuade the crowd of like-minded runners with enough spunk to employ the tactic themselves. 


It's easy to tell if someone is using this ability because of their high speed, the large smoke trail they leave, and the warning siren that plays.