Ring runner Wiki

Based on F5CG Archimedes

Some pilots laugh at the Juggler's name. They don't think it's as funny when they're the ball.


  • Pulse Cannon (Weapon)
  • Gravector Beam (Weapon)
  • Telefold (Movement)
  • Tractor Beam (Utility)
  • Cargo Loader (Utility)
  • Energy Chain (Utility)
  • Heat Shift (Archetype)
  • Time Levee (Sage)

Basic Strategy[]

Blast away opponents with your Gravector Beam, which pushes them away with a focused impulse, and deals heavy damage thanks to your Gravlight Array module. Pull in enemies with your cone-like Tractor Beam or laser-like Energy Chain; then temporarily hold them in front of your ship with your Cargo Loader. Combine these abilities with your Gravector Beam to juggle your opponents. For instance, a target held by your Cargo Loader and hit with a Gravector will simply bounce out and back in. Use your Time Levee ability to slow the flow of time and hit opponents with several attacks before the Cargo Loader automatically releases them.

Your Pulse Cannon can be rapid-fired or charged up to release a powerful bolt that results in an area of effect blast. It has more range and is more effective against structures than your Gravector Beam.

If you begin to overheat, use Heat Shift to turn that thermal energy into a boost of speed in the direction in which you flick. You can also use Telefold to teleport forward a short distance.

Counter Strategy[]

Engage the Juggler from range. You don't want to be caught in its Cargo Loader. If you are caught, use Sage Break to escape if you have it.

The Juggler is not very well shielded and is susceptible to area of effect attacks.

Caster and Grappler Veterancies can partially turn the tables on the Juggler's Cargo Loader since they will deal it constant damage as you are held.