Ring runner Wiki

Based on C5A Legacy

The Juggernaut has a weapon for every occasion and is resilient enough to use them all.


  • Converging Shot (Weapon)
  • Ranged Photonic Blast (Weapon)
  • Remote Mine (Weapon)
  • Rocket-on-a-Rope (Weapon/Movement)
  • X-Beam Emitter (Weapon)
  • Call Comet (Weapon)
  • Directional Shield (Archetype)
  • Charged Caster Core (Weapon)
  • Sage Wave (Sage)
  • Restock (Utility)
  • Reload (Utility)

Basic Strategy[]

Converging Shot and Ranged Photonic Blast deal good area of effect damage at range. They're both charged abilities that increase in range the longer they are held, and their radii are depicted by circular indicators. However, the Ranged Photonic Blast deals instant damage upon releasing the charge; whereas Converging Shot fires two bolts in an arc which collide at the focal point indicated during the charge. Converging Shot deals heavier damage than Ranged Photonic Blast, particularly at longer range, since the bolts become more powerful across their lifespan.

When the enemy gets too close, drop a Remote Mine. Press the same button again to detonate the mine.

Your X-Beam Emitter will generate four spinning beams that deal damage to all hostiles they touch. Drop one on a structure to shred its shields.

You can also summon a comet ahead of you which will streak across the battlefield, damaging everything in its path. This high-density comet emits a powerful gravity field.

Once you've built up Veterancy charges, you can unleash circular volleys of bolts with your Charged Caster Core, which deal good damage to hostiles around you and can obliterate structures if you discharge directly over them.

Your only source of mobility is your Rocket-on-a-Rope, which tows you behind it after it's launched. But your defenses are strong enough to survive most assaults. Your Directional Shield allows you to flick in the direction of your attacker to strengthen that side of your shielding. If you suffer heavy damage, fire off your Rocket-on-a-Rope to put some distance between you and danger before activating your Recharge Shields ability, that heals you entirely, but temporarily diasbles your ship.

Clear the stars with your Sage Wave ability; it releases a powerful wave of force that pushes away all hostile ships and projectiles.

Counter Strategy[]

The Juggernaut is extremely well defended, but not very mobile. Apart from its Rocket-on-a-Rope, it's a sitting duck. Its large size also makes it susceptible to attacks that are effective against structures.

Although the Juggernaut has the heaviest shields of any of the prebuilt ships, its regeneration is practically non-existent. It heals itself through its Recharge Shields ability, which temporarily disables it and consumes a lot of energy. The more shields it has to recharge the longer it will be disabled and the more energy it will take. Don't let it get away to use this ability, but if it does, chase it down before the cooldown can finish and it can use Recharge Shields again. Another way to prevent this is to drain its energy. Sapping builds are effective.