Heat is generated by the use of abilities, by afterburner, or by external influences. Heat is represented by a red bar in the bottom left of UI and reticle.

Heat is generated and is removed slowly over time.

This bar can be filled a second time, your ship is then said to be "running hot". This is required for some abilities. Ships that are running very hot can be seen leaving trails of hot vapor, stealthed or not. Additionally, high heat decreases the stealth levels of cloaked ships. If the heat bar is completely filled a second time, the ship overheats.

Overheating causes the ship to become disabled. It will also come to a complete stop very quickly and become highly visible to friend and foe.

Your heat capacity and regeneration can be changed in the Heatsink Node.

Additional passive and active abilities that interact with heat levels can be found in the Advanced Heatsink Node.

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