Ring runner Wiki

Based on G5 Gincleare

The Hammer brings medieval style sword-and-board fighting into space. Few can stand against its might in melee.


  • Gamma Hammer (Weapon)
  • Shield Bash (Weapon/Defense)
  • Energy Hooks (Movement)
  • Pounce (Weapon/Movement)
  • Falcon Dive (Weapon/Movement)
  • Grapple Tether System (Archetype)
  • Sage Shield (Sage)

Basic Strategy[]

Your Gamma Hammer is capable of dealing huge burst damage at melee range. Charging it up will unleash a spin attack that damages and pushes away all hostiles around you. Your Siphon Rig heals you for 15% percent of the damage you deal in melee. This can go as high as 22% if you achieve full Veterancy by defeating opponents.

Getting into range is no problem either. You can pull yourself towards opponents with Energy Hooks and your Grapple Tether System, or joust towards them with your Pounce and the high-damaging, slow-charging Falcon Dive.

If you're still having trouble closing the distance, you can raise your shield by holding down the Shield Bash ability. It mitigates all damage you suffer from the front by 50%. Releasing it will bash away opponents dealing moderate damage. You can also activate your Sage Shield, which creates a circular barrier around your ship that blocks all hostile projectiles.

Defeating your opponents will spawn globes that heal or recharge you thanks to your Energy Harvester. And the green clouds that form as a result of your attacks are caused by your Corrosive Strikes module, which temporarily reduces the effect of healing on the target.

Counter Strategy[]

The Hammer has no ranged weaponry. Keep your distance and deal damage from afar. Repulsion abilities can help keep the Hammer at bay.

If the Hammer activates Sage Shield, you can still deal damage to it from within the enclosing circle. Trap a MADRATi Personal Pulsar or a X-Beam Emitter inside the circle and seal the Hammer's fate.