Ring runner Wiki

Based on G5A Fenrir

A fearsome opponent at close-range and a hard target at a distance, The Grillshot is a consummate war machine.


  • Heavy Photonic Burst (Weapon)
  • Scrapnel Cannon (Weapon)
  • Energy Hooks (Movement)
  • Pounce (Movement/Weapon)
  • Amplify Shields (Defense)
  • Grapple Tether System (Archetype)
  • Sage Shield (Sage)

Basic Strategy[]

Your Heavy Photonic and Scrapnel Cannons are like the two barrels of a shotgun. Both fire concentrated bursts of damage, though there's a bit more to the Scrapnel Cannon. Before it acts like a shotgun, it's a melee ability designed to harvest scrap from opponents, dealing damage and generating a couple of charges displayed as blue spheres the orbit your ship. Tap the button to continue using the scrap harvester; hold the button down with at least one charge to unleash a blast of flak.

Use your Energy Hooks and Grappler Tether System to pull yourself towards opponents, or joust towards them using Pounce. Your Pounce ability also helps you vent heat.

Activate your Sage Shield to create a circular barrier that blocks incoming hostile projectiles. Use Amplify Shields to greatly extend the radius of your shields and temporarily reduce the damage you take by 75%.

Counter Strategy[]

Once the Grillshot has built up Scrapnel charges, depicted by blue orbs circling the ship, it can deal massive burst damage up close. Try to keep your distance and get it to expend its charges in vain.

Time your movement abilities to trigger after the Grillshot completes its grappling. Acting too early will allow the grapple tethers to track your movement, but acting too late will allow the Grillshot to deal massive damage.

From a distance, the Grillshot can do little more than shield itself. Its shotgun-like weaponry is not very effective at long rance.

Use weapons like the Rail Gun, Call Comet, Titan beam, or wide area of effect blasts to deal damage to the Grillshot through its Sage Shield. And take advantage of its shielding's greater radius when it uses Amplify Shields. Use weaponry that is effective against structures and abilities that can overheat or overcharge opponents to temporarily immobilize and incapacite it.