Ring runner Wiki

Based on G5R Scorpion

This ship is like a ninja Gladiator samurai... with rockets. It's equipped to handle any combat situation.


  • Gemini Missile Salvo (Weapon/Gemini)
  • Gamma Hammer (Weapon)
  • X-Strike (Weapon/Movement)
  • Pounce (Weapon/Movement)
  • Energy Hooks (Movement)
  • Pollux Link (Utility/Gemini)
  • Disruptor Cone (Archetype)
  • Sage Surge (Sage)

Basic Strategy[]

Your Gamma Hammer is capable of dealing huge burst damage at melee range. Charging it up will unleash a spin attack that damages and pushes away all hostiles around you. Thanks to your Gemini Strikes module, it will also add Gemini Beacons to enemies.

Then you can either choose to fire your Gemini Missile Salvo that launches up to four fast-tracking rockets at your target -- one for each Beacon, or you can trigger your Pollux Link, which pulls targets towards you and keeps them attached longer the more Beacons are consumed.

Getting into combat is no problem. You can use Pounce to joust forward, damaging hostiles in your path, or trigger your X-Strike, which phases you out and draws three paths, each dealing damage. If all three of the paths hit an opponent, X-Strike can deal a great deal of burst damage.

Your Disruptor Cone performs a variety of functions. It cloaks friendly targets and removes Gemini Beacons from them, while disabling enemies for half a second and disrupting their stealth detection. Its a good way to keep yourself concealed, and a great way to interrupt a charging Tower Core.

Resonant Saw, your Grappler Veterancy, creates a field around you that damages all opponents that enter it. Like your Gamma Hammer, it also adds Gemini Beacons thanks to your Gemini Strikes module.

Use Sage Surge to gain a huge boost to your energy regeneration and heat dissipation in addition to replenishing your payload.

Counter Strategy[]

The Gladiator is quite versatile, so it's difficult to counter it with any specific strategy. It can deal damage up close with the Gamma Hammer and from afar from Gemini Missile Salvo, but it will need to land Gemini Beacons on you first.

Try to keep your distance and watch for the Gladiator to give away its position with one of its abilities. Its Disruptor Cone ability will make it hard to reveal, so using area of effect attacks may work best.

The Gladiator can become lethal if it works up its Veterancy by defeating opponents. Try to target it down before it grows too powerful.