Based on C5F Zephyr

Moving at speeds to rival light, the Zephyr can pass like a gust of stellar wind or crash down on opponents with the force of a nova.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Protovoltic Arc (Weapon)
  • Gravector Beam (Weapon)
  • Newtonian Wave (Defense/Movement)
  • Caster Pulse (Movement)
  • Advance Caster Drive (Archetype)
  • Charged Caster Core (Weapon)
  • Break (Sage)

Basic Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Fujin is arguably the fastest thing in the game. Nimble and light, you can dart around the stars using your Caster Pulse and Advanced Caster Drive. The Gravlight Array module in your Mass Emitter significantly increases the damage delt by the resulting blast, and the Auxiliary Repulsor lets you use them more often, while the Stellar Wind Funnels and Kinetic Harness Gyros loaded in your Agile Drive turn the Caster Drive's typically high power consumption into positive energy. If you reach an overcharged state, you'll deal 30% extra damage thanks to your Excess Capacitor.

But your main weapons are the Protovoltic Arc, that jumps from enemy to nearby enemy, and the Gravector Beam that pushes away opponents with a focused blast of energy.

You can shove away hostile ships and projectiles with your Newtonian Wave, which also deals a good bit of damage thanks to your Gravlight Array.

Once you've gained Veterancy charges from defeating opponents, fire your Charged Caster Core to release circular volleys of deadly energy. This ability is great in big groups and takes down structures in no time when used directly over their shielding.

If you are disabled or snared in any way, you can immediately remove the effect with your Sage abilty, Break. Your passive Sage ability, Transendence, in conjunction with your Elastic Shields gives you nearly insurmountable regeneration. Continuity prevents you from suffering more than 33% of your total shields and hulls every third of a second. And your Critical Time Loop will protect you from being defeated by a sudden spike of damage once every 30 seconds. Coupled with your tremendous mobility, you are one hard target.

Counter Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Fujin is very hard to pin down, but its not very well defended if you can manage. Outrunning it is almost always out of the question. You're better off trying to bring it down by out damagin it. Moderately damaging, but consistent abilities are the best way to overcome its combination of high regeneration and Continuity, which prevents it from suffering more than 33% of its total shields and hulls every third of a second.

Overheating and overloading builds will find it hard to deal with the Fujin because of its ability to remove any negative effects with Sage Break. The old fashioned approach of conventional damage may work best. Weapons like a Heavy Repeating Photocaster or Heavy Dual Cannon work well.

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