Excess Payloads

Excess Payloads example

Ability Attributes
Equipment Tag AWP-1U-PA
Type Hostile
Activation Passive
Size 1
Cooldown 0 seconds
Charge Time
Base Payload
Energy Consumption
Heat Generation
Heat Consumption Unknown
Tags <Area of effect ability> <Projectile ability> <Mine ability> <Rocket ability>
Additional Passive Unknown

Release a volley of mines and rockets, dealing damage over a large area, when your ship is destroyed. 

Reduces cooldowns of payload abilities by 7.5 percent.  

If you pause to read the nearly indecipherable last will and testaments scrawled into the synthetic oak services of Centrian bars, you will find that this device fulfills several of the most common requests.   


The mines and rockets will detonate over the course of 3 seconds.

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