Ring runner Wiki

Based on G5AC Kumo

The Duofang can catch enemies ships like flies in its web, devouring them just as easily.


  • Resonant Lash (Weapon)
  • Asteroid Breaker (Weapon)
  • Big Bangerang (Weapon)
  • Energy Hooks (Movement)
  • Caster Pulse (Movement)
  • Advanced Caster Drive (Archetype)
  • Athenos Interceptor Beam (Defense)
  • Stasis Ring (Defense/Utility)
  • Flex Shielding (Defense)
  • Sage Surge(Sage)

Basic Strategy[]

Resonant Lash and Asteroid Breaker are your two fangs. Once you work yourself up into a frenzy, you can devour your prey in seconds. Both of these weapons create a cone of damaging energy in front of your ship, but the Resonant Lash begins slower and increases in cooldown speed with successive hits. Triggering Sage Surge, that greatly boosts your energy regeneration and heat dissipation, also activates your Swift Soul macro, granting you 6 seconds of haste.

To close the distance between you and your target, you can use your Caster Pulse and Advanced Caster Drive, which generate an explosion that propels you. Or you can grapple towards your target using your Energy Hooks. You can also throw toss your Big Bangerang, which deals constant damage and pulls targets towards you thanks to your Grappling Pitons module. Charge it up to fling it further.

The Duofang has plenty of defenses as well. There's your Athenos Interceptor Beam, that zaps hostile projectiles when activated, your Stasis Ring, which creates a ring of friction around your ship, slowing enemy ships and projectiles, and your Flex Shielding, which temporarily disables your regeneration to grant you 3 seconds of invulnerability.

Counter Strategy[]

You'll want to keep your distance from the Duofang, but rockets won't be very useful against it. The Duofang can nullify your rocket attacks with its Stasis Ring and Athenos Interceptor Beam. If you must use projectiles, try using the unblockable Ghost Rocket.

Lasers, on the other hand, work quite well. Try catching the Duofang offguard with a few well placed blasts from a ranked up Rail Gun or wear it down with a Mercurial Beam.

If the Duofang pulls itself towards you and triggers its Stasis Ring, use a teleportation ability to escape if you have one. Attempting to fly out of a Stasis Ring with a Duofang grappling you with every strike may prove challenging.

The Duofang must approach you to deal damage, and it has only its Caster Drive to create impulses to push objects away. Minefields can prove quite effective.