Dolucre Street
Dolucre Street screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Milky Way
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Free
Mission guide
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Ludum Venatorium Getting Made
Go to Athena's Aegis HQ and speak to Phrank.

Bonuses Edit

Street Justice - Defeat Street Toughs in under 45 seconds. - 1250 Plex.

De-terraformation - Destroy 6 pieces of Shattered Earth. - 75 Plex.

Strategy Edit

For De-terraformation, just blow up 6 of the asteroids in the asteroid field.

The Street Toughs will accost you around the middle of column 4 on the map. If you followed the galaxy map recommendation of getting a well-equipped rank 5 hull before coming here, defeating them all in 45 seconds should be no problem.

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