Ring runner Wiki

Based on R5F Pegasus

Striking from the shadows, this ship is fast, deceptive, and attacks with the darkest of the arithmetic arts: Division.


  • Gemini Lash (Weapon/Gemini)
  • Fractional Cannon (Weapon/Gemini)
  • Fragility Field (Weapon/Utility)
  • Telefold (Movement)
  • Evasion Drive (Archetype)
  • Time Levee (Sage)

Basic Strategy[]

Approach in stealth, and begin the fight with your Gemini Lash, a melee ability that deals damage and applies two Gemini Beacons to targets it strikes. Your Deadly Beacons module adds damage to this attack and your Gemini Strikes module increases the number of Beacons it applies to 3.

Then use your Fractional Cannon to reduce your target's health by up to 30% of its remaing shields and hulls -- 7.5% per Beacon. It's a fantastic way to take down heavily shielded structures and ships. For lightly shielded targets, you're better off using your Gemini Lash once they're close to defeat.

To deal even more damage, activate your Fragility Field, which doubles the damage suffered by all enemies that enter its radius for 6 seconds. Combining Fragility Field with Fractional Cannon is one of the fastest way to tear through enemy structures.

For movement, you are equiped with an Evasion Drive, which lets you maneuver in the direction in which you flick, and Telefold, which teleports you forward a short distance.

You can slow the flow of time on command, which has both offensive and defensive applications.

Counter Strategy[]

Division needs to get into melee to apply a Gemini Beacon and deal damage, so long-range weaponry is very effective. The only problem is revealing it from stealth. Sage Sight won't work because Division is equipped with a Black Worm macro. You might be better watching carefully for distortions and using area of effect abilities.

Be careful when fighting Division around allied ships and drones. Its Migrate Beacons in conjunction with its Recyclable Beacons modules can transfer Beacons from one target to another when the affected target is destroyed.

Ships with lower shield maxes and faster regeneration will find it easier to survive a Fractional Cannon hit. Its slow cooldown will give you plenty of time to repair the damage, so as long as you stay away from Division's Gemini Lash, you should have no trouble surviving its attack.