Ring runner Wiki

Based on R5 Ghost

The Detonator is designed for stealth and misdirection, but its remotely detoated beacons and decoys will do a lot more than spook the opposition.


  • Smart Rocket (Weapon/Gemini)
  • Asp Rocket Weapon)
  • Shadowract Bomb (Weapon)
  • Detonate Beacons (Weapon/Gemini)
  • Detonate Decoys (Weapon)
  • Stealth Bomber Signal (Archetype)
  • Translocate (Sage)

Basic Strategy[]

The Detonator is a long-range stealth bomber. Its Gemini Warheads mean that all projectiles it fires have a chance of adding Gemini Beacons, and that your Smart Rockets can add two. Build up to four active beacons, and consume them to create an area of effect blast on effected targets. The more beacons on a target, the greater the radius and damage of the explosion.

Fire Asp Rockets and Shadowract bombs while in stealth without giving away your position. Asp Rockets are cloaked and more potent than Longbow Rockets. Shadowract bombs are very slow moving, but deal greater area of effect damage the further they travel.

Flick in a direction to call in a squad of three stealth bombers. They will fly straight along their designated flight path, firing Asp Rockets. They also count as decoys, and their rockets have a chance of adding a Gemini beacon for you on whatever they hit.

In addition, your Perseus Projector and Deceptive Warheads give your projectiles a chance to create decoys. You can use your Detonate Decoys ability to unleash blasts centered on all of your active decoys.

Use Translocate to teleport a short distance and get out of trouble. Hold down the button to teleport a bit further.

Your Veterancy, Feign Death module, and Stubborn Thread macro all allow you to cheat death. In fact, you can endure up to three deaths before actually being defeated. Not enough to make a cat jealous, but enough to be called a cheater from time to time.

Counter Strategy[]

The Detonator has devastating offensive power. It can take down towers from the safety of stealth, but once it's exposed, its defenses are quite light.

Apart from Translocate, the Detonator has no movement abilities, and its engines can't move it very quickly. It's not very hard to run down, but do expect it to bite when discovered!

Don't be fooled by its ability to Feign Death, and make sure the job is done.