Dead City
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Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Free
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Customs Rock 'n' Scroll
Defeat the Extinguisher.

Bonuses Edit

Math.Floor - Defeat Extinguisher in under 240 seconds. - 5000 Plex.

Strategy Edit

Certain intersections are trapped with Tethering Buoys. The one that most players are most likely to meet first is the intersection at the boundary between columns 2 and 3 and rows B and C. There's another at the intersection at the lower left hand corner of map square 4A.

The only enemy, the Extinguisher, is an extremely difficult opponent. They are flying a D5C Mont Azul, and are equipped with Dark Matter Orb Launcher, MADRATi Pulsar Generator, Starseeder, Plexonic Absorption Portal, Critical Time Loop, and Sage Nova. (They will not place more Tethering Buoys.) They will also have boss-level shields and hull.

The Extinguisher is running an Overcharge build. One possible strategy is to "help" them along with equipment like Charged Warheads.

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