Cracking the Sage
Cracking the Sage screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Hoopiter
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Predetermined
Mission guide
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Express Banking Densely Droney with a Chance of Pain
Reach Rydlio and ask him about the vault.

Bonuses Edit

Ryd-li-ooooooo! - Spare Rydlio. - 750 Plex.

Rid of Rydlio - Defeat Rydlio. - 750 Plex.

Thugecide - Defeat 15 Thugemon Thugs. - 1250 Plex.

Strategy Edit

It's harder to get a good swing with the vault with all the buildings in the way, and sometimes the vault catches on some of the buildings.

Rydlio is flying an A5 Strata Gunship with a few different rocket abilities. He's unlikely to be able to match your damage, however.

In either case, you can keep the bank vault.

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