Ring runner Wiki

Based on C5A Maven

Wily and versatile, The Maven is capable of incredible burst damage at a distance, even across obstacles.


  • Converging Shot (Weapon)
  • Ranged Photonic Blast (Weapon)
  • Flex Shielding (Defense)
  • Energy Barrier Emitter (Defense)
  • All Stop (Movement)
  • Caster Pulse (Movement)
  • Advance Caster Drive (Archetype)
  • Charged Caster Core (Weapon)
  • Time Levee (Sage)

Basic Strategy[]

The Convergence can put out some great ranged damage. It can deploy an Energy Barrier Emitter, which blocks all incoming projectiles, and attack with Converging Shot and Ranged Photonic Blast. Both of these abilities deal good area of effect damage at range. They're both charged abilities that increase in range the longer they are held, and their radii are depicted by circular indicators. However, the Ranged Photonic Blast deals instant damage upon releasing the charge; whereas Converging Shot fires two bolts in an arc which collide at the focal point indicated during the charge. Converging Shot deals heavier damage than Ranged Photonic Blast, particularly at longer range, since the bolts become more powerful across their lifespan.

Although the Convergence is a larger ship, it's mobility isn't bad, thanks to its Caster Pulse and Advanced Caster Drive. If you need to put on the brakes, use All Stop, which halts your movement instantly. It's a great ability to use before deploying your Energy Barrier, so you don't overtake it.

Slow time with your Sage ability and pull off the perfect shot.

Once you've gained Veterancy charges from defeating opponents, fire your Charged Caster Core to release circular volleys of deadly energy. This ability is great in big groups and takes down structures in no time when used directly over their shielding.

If you're under heavy fire, trigger your Flex Shielding, which disables your regeneration to grant you 3 seconds of invulnerability. It's better to use this ability pre-emptively when possible.

Cheat death time and again with your Critical Time Loop and Stubborn Thread.

Counter Strategy[]

You're better off engaging the Convergence at close range since its Converging Shot deals more damage the longer it travels. It can also be more difficult for pilots of the Convergence to quickly charge and target you with Ranged Photonic Blast in close quarters.

Despite its Caster Drive, the Convergence is not a particularly fast ship. It has no Auxiliary Repulsors, so it can't use them as often as the Fujin, for instance, and its larger size means the pulses won't carry it as far.

Use weapons like the Rail Gun or Titan Beam to blast straight through the Mammoth's Energy Barrier.

Watch for its Critical Time Loop and Stubborn Thread that protect it from suffering a mortal blow, and make sure to finish the job.