Ring runner Wiki

Based on F5A Onyx

Rapid speed a rate of fire, few ships can match the Cloudburst in a dogfight.


  • Heavy Repeating Photocaster (Weapon)
  • Heavy Dual Cannon (Weapon)
  • Heat Canister (Weapon/Utility)
  • Telefold (Movement)
  • Evasion Drive (Archetype)
  • Sage Surge (Sage)

Basic Strategy[]

Your Heavy Repeating Photocaster and Heavy Dual Cannon can be fired simultaneously, creating a torrent of rapid-fire bolts. The Photocaster loses accuracy if you hold it down, so be sure to fire in shorter bursts. The Heavy Dual Cannon doesn't lose accuracy, but both generate a tremendous amount of heat and consume vast amounts of energy.

You can activate your Sage Surge ability to regain all of your energy and vent all of your heat. Thanks to the Swift Soul macro you have equipped in your corona, you'll also gain a haste bonus upon activating Sage Surge. You can also pack all of the heat you've accumulated into a canister and fire it into your wake; this Heat Canister will damage and overheat opponents when it blows. If you manage to overheat an opponent, they will be temporarily immobilized, and you can really do some damage.

The Cloudburst is not short on mobility. Like the Starfighter, it comes equipped with Telefold, allowing you to teleport a short distance, and an Evasion Drive that lets you barrel roll and perform other acrobatics in the direction in which you flick.

Counter Strategy[]

Don't let the Cloudburst gain full Veterancy. Its two main weapons in conjunction with Swift Soul make for a nearly irresistable downpour of fire.

The Cloudburst is not particularly well defended. It's shields aren't very sturdy, nor does it regenerate quickly. The best defense is typically a strong offense against the Cloudburst.

Try evading for six seconds after you see the Cloudburst activate Sage Surge to avoid the haste bonus it receives thanks to Swift Soul.