Ring runner Wiki

Based on F5G Lupine

As the name implies, the Cerberus makes a great guardian; few escape its speed or survive the bite of its close-quarter weaponry.


  • Featherfire Cannon (Weapon)
  • Gamma Hammer (Weapon)
  • Energy Hooks (Movement)
  • Telefold (Movement)
  • Heatshift (Archetype)
  • Forced Ventilation (Utility)
  • Time Levee (Sage)

Basic Strategy[]

The Cerberus excels at dealing burst damage. Both the Featherfire Cannon, which shoots a shotgun-like blast of lasers, and the Gamma Hammer that pounds enemies at close range can deal large amounts of damage very quickly. You can also charge up the Gamma Hammer to unleash a spin attack that damages and pushes away all hostile ships and projectiles.

All you have to do is get into range. And it's easy with your arsenal of movement abilities. You can trigger your Heatshift that consumes heat to propel you in the direction in which you flick, teleport a short distance with telefold, or grapple towards an enemy with Energy Hooks. If they're still getting away, trigger your Time Levee ability that slows the flow of time and let no one escape.

You can also try overheating your opponents by triggering Forced Ventilation when you're running hot. It will release a wave of heat that damages and potentially overheats opponents, rendering them temporarily incapacitated and making them easy prey.

Counter Strategy[]

Regeneration can be dangerous against the Cerberus because it's capable of tearing through lightly shielded ships in seconds. Death-cheating abilities like Feign Death, Stubborn Thread, a Rogue's Veterancy, or Critical Time Loop can help you survive an encounter. Continuity also helps.

However, since the Cerberus' weaponry has limited range, you might be able to heal up between attacks if you can put some space between you. The Lupine hull that the Cerberus is built on is light, so you can push it away with ease. If the Cerberus doesn't land a hit, you'll find its defenses are fairly weak, but be careful; its Siphon Rig module heals it every time it deals damage with its Gamma Hammer.