A variety of mostly defensive modifications.

This node allows you to add miscellaneous upgrades to your ship, as well as one of several types of damage reduction from different sources. Additionally this node allows you to increase Hull capacity and regeneration.

Archetype InteractionEdit

Arsenals have the largest utility slots, Fighters the smallest. All other archetypes have standard size.

Active Abilities Edit

Maintenance System - Repairs hull, but disables your ship.

Restocker - Spend energy to refill ammunition-based weapons.

Stealth Scanner - Scans an area in front of you for cloaked ships.

Ventilator - When Running Hot, may deliberately trigger Overheat.

Specialized Armor Plating Edit

Each of these abilities provides damage reduction against a certain attack type. You can only have one kind of specialized armor at a time.

Anti-Mine Plating - Protects from mines.

Anti-Projectile Plating - Protects from projectiles.

Avoidance Plating - Protects from area of effect attacks.

Collision Plating - Reduces damage from environmental collisions.

Grounded Plating - Protects from energy transfer.

Melee Plating - Protects from melee.

Mirrored Plating - Projectiles from lasers.

Tempraflect Plating - Protects from heat transfer.

Passive Abilities Edit

Armor Plating - Increase hull HP.

Auxiliary Coolant - Heat dissipates more quickly.

Auxiliary Energy Tank - Can store more energy.

Auxiliary Generator - Increases energy generation rate.

Auxiliary Heat Coil - Can hold more heat.

Balancing Gyro - Can turn more quickly, but adds to ship's mass.

Deployable Avoidance Plating - Deployables take less area of effect damage.

Heavy Armor Plating - Increase hull HP by more, but lowers ship's mobility.

Nano Repair Bots - Increases passive hull repair rate.

Stationary Cloaking Device - Cloaks your ship if you are drifting slowly or are stopped.

Steadfast Deployable Cores - Deployables can't be moved.

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