Launch decoys and confuse your opponents.

This node is specific to Rogues. It contains mostly decoy abilities.

Active Abilities Edit

Decoy Feint Device - Either jump forward and leave a beacon behind, or stay behind while a decoy moves ahead.

Decoy Projection Buoy - A buoy that creates decoys.

Detonate Decoy Relay - Make your decoys explode.

Explosive Decoy - Create a decoy that explodes.

Fragility Field Emitter - Nearby enemies take more damage.

Holoportation Device - Change places with a decoy.

Mirrored Decoy Projector - Create a decoy that moves based on how you move.

Nano Cluster Rockets - Rockets that can affect an enemy's shields, hull, heat, or energy.

Physical Decoy Launcher - Create a decoy that can block attacks.

Radial Decoy Projector - Create a ring of decoys.

Redirect Beam - All damage you would take instead goes to the target of this ability.

Tactical Teleportation Device - Teleport behind your opponent.

Tactical Teleportation Feint Device - Teleport a decoy behind your opponent.

Passive Abilities Edit

Deceptive Warheads - Your rockets can create decoys.

Feign Death Device - When taking a lethal blow, instead of dying turn invisible and move away from your attacker.

Gorgon Mine Cores - Your mines can paralyze enemies.

Perseus Projector - Create a decoy when you deal enough damage.

Predator System - You deal more hull damage.

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