The ship's primary defenses.

This Node allows you to change Shield capacity and regeneration.

Some of the more advanced primary parts in this node have unique abilities attached to them.

Archetype Interaction[edit | edit source]

Shields are largest in Arsenals and Grapplers, and smaller in the other Archetypes.

Primary Shield[edit | edit source]

All primary shields increase Shield Capacity and Shield Regen. Shield Capacity is the number of shield points the primary shield provides, and Shield Regen is how fast shield points are restored.

Name Equipment Tag Size Shield Capacity Shield Regen Engine Thrust Afterburner Thrust Cruise Speed Ability
Shield BAR-1P 1 +111 +6 p/s
Rigid Shield BAR-2P 2 +284 +3.84 p/s
Elastic Shield BAR-3P 3 +98 +21.24 p/s
Medium Shield BAR-4P 4 +316 +17.08 p/s
Turtle Shield BAR-5P 5 +516 +27.84 p/s -0.26 kN -0.22 kN -38.67 m/s
Flex Shield BAR-6P-DF 6 +185 +50.05 p/s -6.67 p/s Flex Shielding
Shell Shield BAR-7P-DF 7 +926 +5 p/s Recharge Shields
Heavy Shield BAR-8P-DF 8 +562 +30.35 p/s Amplify Shields

Additional Shield Parts[edit | edit source]

The primary shield can be enhanced with the addition of shield parts. Steadfast Shielding is a Unique-type part that can be equipped once. The other parts are Component-type parts that can be equipped multiple times. All parts use one slot.

Unique Parts[edit | edit source]

Name Equipment Tag Ability
Steadfast Shielding BAR-1U-PA Steadfast Shielding

Component Parts[edit | edit source]

name Equipment Tag

Shield Capacity

Shield Regen Heat Delta Energy Regen
Thermal Shield Regen Module BAR-1C +9 p/s +1.67 p/s
Shield Regen Module BAR-1C +6 p/s
Shield Max Module BAR-1C +111
Charged Shield Regen Module BAR-1C +9 p/s -2 p/s

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