The abilities in Rogue Veterancy make Rogues' trademark stealth, hologram, and Gemini abilities even better. The primary ability in this node is Shroud.

Abilities Edit

Shroud - As you defeat enemies, you gain backstab damage, get healing from backstab attacks, and gain damage resistance against area of effect attacks. If you take lethal damage while Shroud is active, your Shroud ranks are spent to heal you.

Advanced Stealth Module - You gain stealth more quickly.

Auxiliary Projectors - You can use decoy abilities more often.

Corrosive Beacons - Placing Gemini beacons on enemies also makes them receive less healing.

Healograms - Creating decoys heals you.

Insulated Perlite - Heat abilities used against you are less effective.

Mending Beacons - Using Gemini consumer abilities heals you.

Mending Perlite - Healing abilities work better on you.

Phased Perlite - High stealth levels reduce damage taken from area of effect attacks.

Prism Plating - Healing you receive is shared with nearby allies.

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